At separate times I have worked in UAB's University Relations team and UAB Digital Media's team. The majority of this work could be filed under content creation for digital marketing and advertising. While most of my time was spent on video direction, including shooting and editing, I was also involved in script writing, animation, audio editing, photography, and graphic design. 
In 2019 the University of Alabama at Birmingham celebrated its 50th anniversary. I was on the team tasked with collecting an oral history of the university through its vast community. We had over one hundred recording sessions in an audio booth that traveled around the campus. The stories were turned into videos and audio clips that were shared on a dedicated 50th anniversary website as well as the university's social media accounts. 

Primary team Matt Drummond, Chris Humphries, Karla Khodanian, Anna Lloyd, Ryan Meyer, Rosie O'Beirne, Daniel Twieg - Poem written and spoken by: Sharrif Simmons - Music: Kevin J. Peek

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